Home in Koobville (paperback)

Included signed message from the author.


About the book: Home in Koobville

It was a quiet day in Koobville. The Book Monsters were STAYING HOME. Follow Squirm on an underground adventure around Koobville to see what the other Koobs are doing at thier homes.

“Home in Koobville” is dedicated to children around the world who may ever feel alone at home. By opening a book, you can travel through time, explore new lands and meet new characters. You are never alone with a little READING and IMAGINATION.

This book was inspired by our current times, in which we’ve been encouraged to stay home, aiming to address the global pandemic of LONELINESS that transcends 2020. Quarantine has been difficult for both children and adults. I hope this book can bring a smile to everyone’s face and inspire new ideas for play and reading.

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